Stork Protecon DMM50 Desinewing Machine

  • Stork Protecon DMM50 Desinewing Machine

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Stork Protecon DMM50 Desinewing Machine

DMM system (Desinewed Minced Meat) produces a minced meat from by-products such as pork, beef or lamb bones (neck, loin, backbone etc)

The bones are fed into the DMM filling chamber, from where the main ram transports them to the pressing chamber.Gentle pressure causes the bones to rub the meat off one other and allows it to pass through filter perforation. The bones are retained inside the filter and discharged at the end of the cycle. The meat is then fed through pipes into a belt separator to remove sinews, cartilage and the occasional bone particle.

Capacity - Processed bones 2000 kg bones/hour; Minced meat (average yields) 600 kg

Suitable for high quality end products like hamburgers, salami, corned beef, sausage rolls and sausages.

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