Rondo Doge Pastry Line

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Rondo Doge Pastry Line

Rondo Doge Pastry Line (MK)


Ideal for samosa, chapati, papad, yufka, turkish burkas, chinese pancakes and other flat pasty products.

Efficient processing of difficult types of dough such as short and thin dough, producing a high quality finish.

700 mm wide belt

Quick and easy cleaning

The Rondo line consists of the following:

Incline product loader conveyor , 3 phase – Belt size (mm): 650 W x 3650 L x infeed 600 H x outfeed 2300 H; Flights (mm): 630 W x 40 H x distance between flights 470; Overall size (mm): 1100 W x 3700 L x 2450 H

3 roll extruder first stage for pastry to be rolled out producing regular width and thickness; Overall size (mm):1900 W x 1150 L x 1900 H

Conveyor with flour duster; Overall size (mm): 1100 W x 2700 L x 1400 H, belt size (mm): 700 W x 2700 L

Thin dough calibrating unit which can be set to your desired thickness using a hand-winding wheel

Cutting table which will cut the dough sheet into various shapes; Overall size (mm): 1100 W x 1800 L x 1800 H; Belt size (mm): 700 W x 1800 L

Has been making very thin pastry for samosas and spring rolls.

The entire line can be operated by a single person. It provides a regular width and continuous dough sheet thickness .   There are no seams and therefore no waste.


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Rondo Doge
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