Orbmix MG-900/160 Mixer-Grinder with Tote Bin Hoist

  • Orbmix MG900/160 Mixer Grinder

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Orbmix MG900/160 Mixer Grinder

The clever combination of a twin shaft paddle mixer and a high-class grinding head, makes this the perfect piece of machinery for mixing and grinding products such as mashed potatoes and other vegetable products, as well as pre-ground or delicate meat, poultry, sausage stuffing and much more.

The innovative mixer-grinder combination and two intermeshing mixing shafts result in an even, thorough and quick grinding solution.

The Orbmix mixer-grinder’s frame, body and mixing shafts are made from 304 grade stainless steel. The hopper’s curved corners, the drive’s 3 zone construction and easy control of the seals mean a more hygienic production and a machine that’s easy to clean, maintain and that keeps bacteria to a minimum.

Can be equipped with additional features such as:
Variable speed mixing
Liquid CO2 or liquid N2 cooling ideal for extended shelf life and formed products
Column loader
Temperature sensor, weighing system or water dispenser
Easy Clean special system of monolithic seals that facilitate thorough cleaning - can be disassembled for cleaning in just 5 minutes!
Double heating or cooling jacket perfect for mashed potatoes, sauces and soups.
And many more!

Machine in pictures features standard control panel and tote bin loader.

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Stock Code
Length (mm)
2690 (incl loader), 1860
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
3000 (incl loader), 3500 (lid open), 2000
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