Orbmix 900FE Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer, Loader & Easy Clean System

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Orbmix 900FE Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer, Loader & Easy Clean System

Orbmix 900FE Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer with Tote Bin Loader and Easy Clean System.

Ideal machine to mix all types of food products: meat, fish, vegetables, cheese, canned food, sandwich, confectionery, pet food or any other food stuffs that require a mixing process.

Orbmix 900 features a special paddle shaft arrangement with one slightly higher than the other to give a more effective mix. This together with a gentle action and short mixing time of the product reduces particulate destruction maintaining the product structure, colour and its original quality.

Orbmix 900 is a fully pneumatic machine for ease of loading and discharge and it also has a tote bin lifter attached – however the Orbmix can be supplied without tote bin lifter if required.

The machine is equipped with Easy Clean System – a system of monolithic seals, that allows a thorough cleaning inside the machine.
It is done through a quick and easy disassembly and assembly of the roller seals taking less than 5 minutes.

Orbmix 900 twin shaft paddle mixer comes with a PLC Mitsubishi touch screen control panel to make the mixing process easier for different products.

Weight56583794845 kg


Stock Code
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
1930 (incl loader)
Height (mm)
1860 (lid closed)2640 (lid open)2710 (incl loader)
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