Orbmix 450 Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer

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Orbmix 450 Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer

Ideal machine to mix all types of food products: meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, dairy, cereal & confectionery, pet food and sandwich fillings.

Orbmix 450 features a special paddle shaft arrangement with one slightly higher than the other to give a more effective mix. This together with a gentle action and short mixing time of the product, reduces particulate destruction maintaining the product structure and its original quality.

Orbmix 450 twin shaft paddle mixer can be equipped with a PLC Mitsubishi touch screen control panel to make the mixing process easier for different products. 

Equipped with "Easy Clean" System - a system of monolithic seals, that allows a thorough cleaning inside the machine.

Will discharge directly into 200 litre tote bins.

Machine can be equipped with loader.

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Stock Code
450 standard
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
1000/ with loader 1900
Height (mm)
1600 (lid closed);2250 (lid open);2510 (incl loader)
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