Corr-vac Bulk Gas Flushing Machine

  • Corr-vac Bulk Gas Flushing Machine
  • Corr-vac Bulk Gas Flushing Machine

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Corr-vac Bulk Gas Flushing Machine

Commonly used to package fresh meat and poultry, nuts, cheese, and even hops for the brewery industry.

The machine seals the product using a heat seal gas barrier bar and applies a vacuum to reduce the oxygen levels or it can apply a vacuum and a gas back flush to retain the product quality by controlling oxidation, bacteria levels, product colour, etc.

The typical gases for MAP machines include CO2, O2 and N2 and/or a combination depending on the product and shelf-life requirements.

Sealing Bar Length: 1390 mm

Manual jaw closing

Analogue and PC control units available

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